The HEXA IoT company was set up by Hexa Food Sdn Bhd in 2018. This is in line with the Malaysian government policy of adopting industrial Revolution 4.0 and pushing for companies to transform themselves with IoT solutions. HEXA IoT is designed to meet the needs of industry and global expansion, especially in equipment and machinery, and to comply with food safety requirements and regulations nationally and internationally. Our work processes are also digitalised for better control and efficiency in the global framework.

With over 12 years of experience in SME and food manufacturing, our team understands the common problems and struggles that’re faced by SME. We aim to deliver a solution, that’s best suit for SME. Our current area of focus will be : 

ManufacturingAgriculture and Environmental.

All the software and hardware IoT solutions are designed in house at our office, with collaboration with foreign expertise. We pride ourselves to be a one of the Malaysia Made IoT solution provider and 100% Malaysian owned company, reinterate the phrase “Malaysia Boleh”

As our solution is tailored for SME, it’s extremely simple to use and do not have complicated features but yet precise and stable. Furthermore, the solution is affordable and priced for SME.

Like they say: “Built for SME, by SME”

Hexa IoT Sdn Bhd is honored to be one of the panelists to share the technology ecosystem in Malaysia. We share about the innovation or trends observed, the innovation challenges and the impact on building meaningful ecosystem. To know more about it, click on the video. 

Since 2018, our IoT team has researched and developed IoT solutions that is suitable for SME manufactures. These solutions utilizes latest technologies such as Wireless, Cloud, A.I. In 2019, we built a A.I. Chili sorting machine which is able to differentiate good and bad chili, using combination of both visual and AI. We have a team of 10 that’s strive to deliver the best IoT solution for SME in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Hexa Food, one of Malaysia’s top spice manufacturers had adopted digitalization in their manufacturing processes. Hexa Food had Integrated our IoT Solution into their company production operation. Industry4wrd helps them reduce wastage and damages and increase efficiency. This video shared about how they adopted digitalization with Industry4wrd assistant by implementing our IoT Solution. 

To know more about it, click on the video.

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