Solutions for Industries

Our technologies and IoT solutions provide you with the key to a well-oiled business. We empower you by giving easy access to information which will remain at your fingertips, and much more. These solutions are created specifically for you, and delivered by your local expert, HEXA IoT.

Our in-house design IoT solutions are easy to operate and will :

Smart Environmental

Tracking and monitoring data in different types of environment 

Streamlining operations and cut costs while gaining essential new insights

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Agriculture

Optimizing agriculture through data, enabling growth by saving time and resources

Enabling better decision-making and optimizing processes 

Smart Aquaculture

Hexa Iot Sdn. Bhd. is a wholly owned Malaysian company, specializing in Industry 4.0 environmental, agriculture and manufacturing IoT solutions. There are many IoT solutions in the market, which are designed for enterprise level companies. Besides being difficult to set up, many require engineers or software programmers to operate, and this may not be convenient for SMEs. We have been designing and implementing IoT solutions suitable for SMEs since 2018 and are poised to deliver the most practical and affordable IoT solution in Malaysia and South East Asia.

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