Thermal reading is essential when comes to heating process. Do you face difficulty in measure thermal in heating process?

If YES. Well, we would like to introduce you our smart thermal imager sensor called “Thermikos”.

Thermikos is designed with these features

Pandora Thermikos

Technical Data

Operating Temperature Range

-10 to 70°C

Operating Humidity Range

20% to 95%

Number of Elements

1024 (32 x 32)

View Angle *¹

X direction = 90 ° Y direction = 90 °

Object Temperature Output Accuracy *²

Within ±3.0°C Measurement condition: Vcc = 5.0 V Tx = 25°C Ta = 25°C Central 16x16-pixel area

Object Temperature Detection Range *²

0 to 200°C

Ambient Temperature Detection Range *²

0 to 80°C

Display Refresh Time


Power Supply Voltage / Battery life

Direct powered with 5v 3A adaptor and with a backup battery (last more than 1 hour)

Common Data

18650 lithium battery

140g (battery included)

Length x Width x Height: 100x100x33 mm

>50,000 measuring values


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