Weight is one of the most important data in manufacturing and agriculture. Do you find the weighing process at your company troublesome?

If the answer is YES, we would like to introduce you our smart environmental IoT solution called “Varos”

Varos is designed with these features

Pandora Varos

Common Data

Measurement Unit


Battery type

Lead Acid



Input Voltage

8.2v 500mA

Battery life

More than 6 - 12 months


Stainless Steel

Data logger

>50,000 measuring values



Platform Information

300mm x 300mm (Customizable)

Hexa Iot Sdn. Bhd. is a wholly owned Malaysian company, specializing in Industry 4.0 environmental, agriculture and manufacturing IoT solutions. We have been designing and implementing IoT solutions suitable for SMEs since 2018 and poised to deliver the most practical and affordable IoT solution in Malaysia, Singapore and South East Asia.

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