Pandora Software

Tailored for SMEs in Manufacturing and Agriculture.

Seamless Connect, Monitor, and Control your processes for optimal efficiency!



Easy to access via WebApp interface for effortless operation and control by category




Real-time Insights, Real-time Decisions





Live sensor data display and customizable threshold functions



Map-Based Location Tracking for Seamless Monitoring of Manufacturing Across Different Sites.




ChatGPT, Your Solution Partner! Tap into Smart Solutions and Expert Insights for Enhanced Operations and Problem-Solving.




Automated Machine Status Logging for Enhanced OEE Calculation and Proactive Machinery Maintenance!


How PANDORA works

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Hexa Iot Sdn. Bhd. is a wholly owned Malaysian company, specializing in Industry 4.0 environmental, agriculture and manufacturing IoT solutions. We have been designing and implementing IoT solutions suitable for SMEs since 2018 and poised to deliver the most practical and affordable IoT solution in Malaysia, Singapore and South East Asia.