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LuxioAI -Visual Quality Inspection

Visual Quality Inspection

IoT Solution for Real-Time Monitoring

Luxio AI is a visual quality inspection system that can be trained to sort different types of products. It captures visual images via camera, identifies them according to modules and assigns them numerical properties.

You can set up the auto-triggering system with pre-set parameters, and the fully customisable object detection algorithm allows the system to recognise different types of products, no matter their size or shape. Also, it has a fully customisable rejection system to suit different product needs. The system uses IoT remote monitoring and control via cloud technology, and it can be integrated into other systems with various types of hardware.


-It is IoT remote monitoring & control via Cloud Technology
-It has auto-triggering system by pre-set parameters
-It able to train to sort different types of products
-It is fully customizable rejection system to suit different products needs

LUXIO captures visual images via camera in a preset condition, identifies them according to training modules, and assign numeric properties to it. User is able to program actions according to the visual analytics.​

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