Tech-Driven Fertilization Reduction in Agarwood Plantation

Smart farming

>>> CASE STUDY <<<

Tech-Driven Fertilization Reduction

In Agarwood Plantations

By Lucine Wong

>>> The Importance of Soil Quality

Soil quality is crucial for plant health, agriculture, and ecosystem sustainability. It impacts nutrient availability, water retention and drainage, root development, soil structure and texture, biological activity, carbon sequestration, crop productivity and quality, as well as environmental protection. Proper nutrient management, organic matter addition, erosion control, and crop rotation are important practices for maintaining soil quality and promoting long-term soil health, agricultural productivity, and environmental sustainability.

>>> IOT real time monitoring solution

By implementing Hexa IoT Pandora Georgia, farmers can monitor soil nutrient content, detect pH fluctuations to prevent soil over acidity, identify areas with high moisture soil, and analyze temperature gradients to achieve optimal soil conditions. This allows farmers to make better decisions based on real-time data and pre-set thresholds, mitigating potential worst-case scenarios. Additionally, Pandora Georgia helps address the challenge of undetermined soil NPK levels and optimizes the timing of fertilization, ensuring good tree growth and overcoming the previous problem.

Smart farming

>>> gaharu tea valley, gopeng

HOGA Gaharu

Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng is Malaysia’s largest organic plantation of hybrid Gaharu (Agarwood) trees. Established in 1992 in Gopeng, it has successfully nurtured over 200,000 trees for 25 years across 300 acres. The plantation maintains a 100% organic environment through the use of organic fertilizers like black soldier fly frass and earthworm casings, along with laborious weed control. Additionally, the establishment produces its own fertilizer to ensure its purity and absence of foreign contaminants.

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