Techguard: Advancing Coral Reef Conservation



Advancing Coral Reef Conservation

By Lucine Wong

:: Why water monitoring is important?

Water monitoring is crucial for fish farmers as it directly impacts the health and well-being of the fish. Parameters such as temperature, dissolved oxygen levels, pH, and nutrient concentrations must be monitored to ensure optimal conditions for fish growth and reproduction. This practice also aids in early detection of water quality changes that could signal the presence of pathogens, allowing for prompt intervention and disease management. Additionally, water monitoring supports sustainable aquaculture by preventing the release of excess nutrients or pollutants into surrounding water bodies, safeguarding the natural ecosystem.

:: IoT Water Monitoring

Pandora Thalassa, a smart aquaculture IoT solution, is a water monitoring device that helps fish farmer automate the farm processes for better efficiency and reliability. It enables fish farmers to track the state of the water, in particular that for aquatic life. This device measures the water’s temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH level, salinity and ammonia level, and provides the most accurate data on water quality. This information will allow fish farmers to know exactly how healthy the water is.

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