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smart agriculture case study

Smart Agriculture Case Study | Hexa IoT Sdn Bhd

IoT Agriculture System

Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng is Malaysia’s first and largest organic plantation of hybrid Gaharu (Agarwood) tree. The establishment had nurtured the hybrid Gaharu trees from 1992 in Gopeng. It had been stated that Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng have germinated and raised more than 200,000 trees aged up to 25 years, over the span of 300 acres in the valley. The establishment ensures the plantation is 100% organic with organic fertiliser such as black soldier fly frass and earthworm casings and laborious weed control. The plantation even produces their own fertiliser to ensure the fertiliser are without any foreign contaminants. 

With the implementation of IoT soil sensor, Pandora Georgia, the fluctuation of the pH value, soil temperature, moisture content and NPK value of the soil are determined without intensive soil sample collection and analysis. They able make better decisions by monitoring real-time data and pre-set threshold to avoid worse-case scenarios.

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